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5 Features You Should Look on Your Human Resource Software

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Getting the right people for your business and making them stay is important, that is why Human Resource professionals are doing their best to scout the best candidates and wrack their brains on devising schemes to help keep the employees happy.

And in reality, it is not an easy job.  HR professionals are always on ropes end on pooling top candidates and managing employees to keep them in the company. Sadly, some business owners are tending to forget this aspect of the business. The good news is, there are digital solutions to ease these burdens. Thanks to HR software solutions, HR personnel can manage people and keep up on getting people on board.

If you are a business owner looking to boost your human resources department or an HR Manager looking for sap companies in Dubai vendor, then know the features that should be included on your HR software solution.

  1. Job structure and description

One of the cornerstones of human resources is the definition of the position. Each post has different kind of work they need to fulfil in the organizational chart. Job description tells the employees the list of deliverables they need to accomplish.  The structure, on the other hand, determines the career path and growth of ab employee (rank and file, supervisory, et al.)

Without these two, an employee will not be able to determine the scope of their job and will nt have something to look forward to. Most likely, employees who are not properly guided are the ones who leave their post. Prevent this from happening by having a software that would help you create a proper job description and laid the path or your employee’s growth.

  1. Salary structure

Like the job description and structure, a solid salary structure can help HR professionals determine the fair salary package to be given to each employee. HR professionals also used this to know the pay increase of promoted employees. And this should be present on your HR software as this would prevent confusion on compensation packages given to each employee.

  1. Training Management

Nowadays, most employees are looking for companies who provide them training for career growth. And employees are sent to trainings are more productive and efficient on their work.  The human resource department usually handle this activity and having a proper training management function on their HR software can help them plot these trainings.

  1. Reports

Reports are very important especially for HR professionals. Some of the reports that they need is the recruitment rate, retention and employee turnover rate. With accurate data on their hands, they can give better foresight on how to solve HR issues and a solid reporting tool can help them finish this job accurately.

  1. Competency Report

Employees are regularly evaluated to see if they are meeting the agreed key performance indicator. The human resources are the ones who facilitate this activity. With a solid HR tool, they can track employee’s performance and help solve inefficiency.

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