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A detailed overview of offshore company formation

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It is not bad or unjustified to say that for sure, Dubai is an investor’s paradise. It opens the door of opportunities for other people. It is surely an eye-candy for entrepreneurs, across the globe. In the past few years there has been a good noticeable rise in the formation of offshore companies.

There are so many perks of opening an offshore company. You can take the guidance of different agents regarding the offshore company formation in Dubai. When you open up an offshore company, you basically create a good image of yourself and of your company. Moreover the process of setting up an offshore is pretty much straightforward. And the best part is that it is tax free which is an awesome thing.

But you can’t see the one side of the picture; you can’t be shallow when it comes to a company formation. You need to see a detailed view of everything. To see a detailed view you need to broaden your horizons, there is surely another side of coin which is must to see!

If you own an offshore company or thinking of establishing a new one then you need to understand that an offshore company ca not hire staff within the premises of UAE. The most important factor is that you need to submit the financial audit reports to the government of UAE.

If you are a good counselor or you are a good consultant the best thing for you is to start your counseling business. It is really good to start your counseling business in freezones and enjoy the minimum or zero taxation.

Expand your business

If you have a business then it is really good to expand it and increase your presence globally. You can easily handle sales and purchases operations. If you are looking to start business in Dubai then it is perfect to do it earlier before the market get saturate

You have all the intellectual property rights

What else can you ask for now? You have all the rights to register any trademark or patent in the name of the offshore company you operate. Moreover a company is allowed to sell or buy such rights. If you think of your own country then for sure you will feel that you don’t get such options there because of the intricate law and taxation system which you are obliged to follow.