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Required Expertise and Traits from a Legal Translator

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The role of a legal translator usually falls under a high salary range probably because their job requires a lot of skills, and determination. Aside from extensive knowledge about legal terms, we’ve listed down some other required expertise and traits from a legal translator.


Expertise and Profile of a Legal Translator


The educational requirements to become a legal translator usually depend on the client and the provider of legal translation services in Dubai. Some companies do not demand a law or language degree when hiring legal translators, while the others do require them. Usually, translation companies would ask the applicants to take a language proficiency exam, and a trial translation test to determine if they would fit the role or not. On the other hand, clients or companies that prefer to hire freelance legal translators usually ask for a law or a legal degree – some even demand for a master’s or a graduate degree.


Although it’s easy to search for specific words and their equivalents to other languages online, legal translation is not a piece of cake. There is so much risk associated to translating legal documents, especially when it comes to criminal cases, minutes of court proceedings, arguments, government laws, verdicts, and lawsuits. One mistake could alter the end point of the document. Thus, the role needs someone who can accurately translate complex legal terminologies to varying languages. The person must have the attention to detail, and has the ability to comprehend highly technical words. The translator needs to have excellent grammar, proper spelling, and good communication skills. He/she must also be able to proofread his own work.


Traits of a Legal Translator


First and foremost, the translator must have the patience and ability to handle any form of pressure, the bulk of workload, and last minute revisions. Knowing that it’s a highly critical role, the legal translator must be excellence-driven, must be open to corrections, and must be willing to learn more. He/she must also know how to calm down clients in case of a problem. Most importantly, he/she should really enjoy writing to avoid withdrawal from the job.



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