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Difference between a pillow top and a euro top

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Many of us are familiar with luxury mattress brand and a pillow top as they are often used and come with a mattress or a bed we order or buy at some point in our lives but little do we know is that we are not familiar with the term euro top and what are those in the first place. In this article, I am going to discuss both the pillow tops and euro tops to help you get the meaning about both the terms, as well as, will help you distinguish the differences between both the terms and will tell you which one is better and which one is not when it comes to buy and use either of them. Starting with the introduction phase which is in the section below.

The pillow top is the mattress material that comes with the layers sewn into the top of the mattress with some gap that separates the pillow top from the comfort layer of the mattress that you use. You can get the cheapest memory pillow in Dubai. Whereas, the euro top is the mattress material with layers sewn at the edge of the mattress and you will see that there is no gap or difference between the layer sewn on the edge of the mattress and the comfort layer of the mattress that you are using.

However, the differences between both of the terms are in the section below:

  1. Starting with the first difference, that is, construction and material – the pillow top that consists of a single layer with some gusseted foam or fiber padding that helps us feel the ultra-comfort and softness whenever we touch or lay our heads on the pillow top. However, the euro top consists of padding layers coming from fiberfill or foam, making them comfortable as they are denser and has high quality than the material of the pillow top.
  2. The size of the pillow top are same when it comes to measurement if we see them with a naked eye, however, the euro tops have more material than pillow tops, which makes the euro tops thicker than the pillow tops.
  3. The durability is one thing that we require from either the pillow top we use or the euro top we use, however, the pillow tops are less durable than of euro tops because the material in pillow tops are less in quantity and in that case, euro tops are better than pillow tops.