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History of Chauffeurs

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A chauffeur is a person who is hired for driving a car and getting passengers from one place to another place in style. When you hear the word chauffeur, you think your nicely dressed chauffeur in a big limo or in any different fancy car. But little did you know that there is also a small history of chauffeurs, just like everything. Chauffeurs are also called drivers because some chauffeurs can be hired permanently and most chauffeurs also work part time. Before we begin with the history, you must know that the word chauffeur comes from the French language and it was derived from the word stoker which means someone who is driving a car. Here you will learn more about history of chauffeurs.

The trend of chauffeurs started from the beginning of time when kings and queens used to go to different places by horse carts and they were accompanied by different people. At that time the horse carts were big and it needed at least two or three chauffeurs to handle the horses Two chauffeurs were responsible for riding the cart and one of the chauffeurs was there to assist the passenger inside it. Like, listen to the commands of the passenger and get them any possible thing they wanted. Before the chauffeurs got their name of chauffeur, they were called coachmen. You can hire a safer driver in Dubai.

The actual term of chauffeur was coined and the business of chauffeurs started in the early 17th century. Before that chauffeurs were considered slaves. The business of chauffeur boosted in the 1914 when there was world war I, this was the time when different political bodies wanted to go to places and they were vulnerable to travel from the main cities of the roads. Then chauffeurs were hired to get the political people safely from one place to another place. Since they knew all the secret entries and exists of the city, these chauffeurs were mostly criminals who now wanted to get immunity or who wanted to lead a good life. Some of these chauffeurs were also veterans of the war who has lost the power of fighting and they needed some job. Since veterans can get one through different situations, then these were also used as guards to get the personals from one place to another securely.