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Learn the different kinds of Copic markers

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When there are a lot of documents on the office then the markers should be the necessity of that office. Sometimes these copic markers in UAE are used to highlight the important parts of the document and sometimes they are used to cancel any line in a document so that it will not be printed next time on the paper. There is also used white board Dubai in the meeting rooms to make a plan of the company more understandable. For these white boards there is a need of markers to write on them. There are different kinds of copic markers are available in the market and you should buy the ones which are according to the need of your office. To know about different markers you should read this below:

One sided: These markers have nibs on only one side of the marker. Either this nib is round for writing purpose or it will be slightly cut to highlight or cancel a line. There are many shades available in these markers but for office purpose you should get the basic colors like black, white or red. These colors look more elegant one used on the official documents. If you get the other colors like pink, purple or any other bright color then it will not look good when your clients see that documents. One disadvantage of these markers is that you have to buy different markers for highlighting and writing which means you have to spend more money.

Two sided: These markers have nibs on both sides of the markers. One side is for highlighting the lines and other side is for writing. If you buy these markers then you will save money of buying two different markers. Another advantage of this marker is that it will occupy less space on your office desk. You will have to spend less time in searching for the markers. You can use both the high lighter and the marker at the same time without any trouble of switching between the markers. For color selection it is also necessary to get the basic colors too. Both the nibs of one copic marker will be of same color. To lower the confusion between the colors of one marker, the caps of the marker will be same.