Printing services and their benefits

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Printing services and their benefits

As consumers, we have become accustomed to discount art printing services that offer us affordable custom art prints or canvas prints. But what does it mean to receive “fine art print”? And why are so many online printing businesses offering this? Why do customers still prefer to buy expensive posters from gallery exhibits? Here’s a closer look at what fine art printing really means, its advantages and possible pitfalls.

Find Art Printing

In recent years, fine art printing has become increasingly popular. People have come to expect:

  • high-quality images printed on durable
  • thick paper with vibrant color shades.

In fact, many artists consider canvas printing the most attractive medium for advertising since the prints can be used over again and don’t require any special treatment. This is in stark contrast to the convenience and ease-of-use provided by the digital form of printing, which needs to be handled and washed carefully. Read more about art printing here.

Digital Image Printing

However, for some, the convenience of digital image printing outshines the perceived higher price of fine art printing in Dubai. Digital printers can produce large quantities of posters in very little time and cost much less than the conventional process of transferring a painting onto paper. Furthermore, digital printing allows artists to create posters in different:

  • sizes
  • shapes
  • colors

Unlike the usual limited options available to commercial artists. Digital prints also allow for much customization, allowing graphic designers and printers to add text, logos, and captions to the final product. Thus, the perceived value of digital prints relative to conventional framing techniques appears to have diminished over time.

Printer Come in Handy for Contemporary Artists

Some contemporary artists are eschewing print sizes entirely for their posters, paintings, and other works. For them, limited print sizes are not as important as the ability to use various color combinations in order to express their creativity. Artists like this prefer using thicker paper with fewer layers in order to avoid blurring when viewed against a bright light source. For internal designers, choosing between smaller and larger image formats is often a matter of artistic preference over financial necessity.

Some artists are not convinced that there is a difference between photo paper and fine art paper, despite the obvious differences in appearance. These artists feel that one cannot properly judge the quality of work based on mere physical appearance. In their opinion, the physical appearance of the two materials should make no difference when it comes to judging the aesthetic and commercial value of a work.