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What Exactly Is A Gynecologist?

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A gynecologist is a physician or a surgeon that is qualified enough to practice the subject of gynecology. Gynecologists are the ones that specialize in different things including diseases and injuries in the female reproductive system. Of different parts of female body such as hormonal problems, urine and pelvic disorders and also the of cancer of the cervix. A gynecologist is one that provides woman health care that mainly focuses on the reproductive organs. Other than the terms of science, it means “The science of women”.

Who Invented Gynecology?

James Marion Sims was the one that developed the pioneering tools and surgical techniques related to women’s reproductive health. He is the one who is credited as the “FATHER OF GYNECOLOGY”. 

Difference Between Ob And Gyn:

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in women’s reproductive health. Where the Obstetrics are responsible for the care for women specially before and exactly after the delivery, they can also deliver babies. On the other hand, an ob-gyn is someone who can do all this while also being able to perform intimate surgery.

Cosmetic gynecology:

The cosmetic gynecology includes the surgical corrections of the genital structures which includes the g spot shot procedure. The G-spot is also called the Gräfenberg spot as in for a German surgeon, it is characterized as an area of the vagina which when stimulated may lead to a great sexual arousal and a powerful orgasm.  The g spot is located around 5-8 cm (2-3inch) at the front vagina wall, that is between the other and vaginal opening. this is a very sensitive part of the female body. The funny part is that the G-spot has not been proven by science but also has been studied from 1940s. whereas it is thought to be an extension of the clitoris.

G-Spot Augmentation:

G-spot amplification is a procedure that is meant to increase pleasure in sexual activities of women. This is mainly focused on increasing the size and also the sensitivity. The G-spot amplification is the actually to locate and take measurements. Then it is numbed by a local anesthesia after which a collagen is injected directly under the mucosa in the g spot area.

A paper in 2007 by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists published that this medical procedure is not proven to have any medical reason to be performed. And also, it has not been proven to be safe or effective.