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Getting from Here to There

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You will be travelling to an unfamiliar city on business and you need to get around for business meetings in various locations. Since you will be flying there, you need to know what modes of transportation are available that will suit your needs. Most cities will give you several options.


Car Rental


You can arrange for a car rental before you fly to your destination. Nearly every airport in the world has one or more car rental companies located close to if not right in the airport. If you choose to take a shuttle from the airport to your hotel, you could also arrange for a rental car to be available for you there. Car rentals allow you to go when and where you need or wish to but they do cost more than public transportation. In addition to the cost of renting the vehicle, you will be paying for fuel and insurance. Paying for parking is another consideration.




Taxis may be the next best thing to having a rental car. One can be called to pick you up and take you to your destination when you need it. Unless you call ahead to be picked up by a certain time, there may be a short wait for it to arrive. Though the cost can be high for each ride, it comes out less than renting a car since you only pay per ride.


City Bus Service


Most good sized cities have a bus service. The larger the city, the more likely the service is to have routes that will work for you. Though riding the bus is the least expensive mode of transportation, it does have some drawbacks. Unless your destinations are pretty much in a straight line and not too far from your hotel, you will probably need to change buses at least once. This can add time to your trip, which means you will need leave your hotel earlier than you would if you had a rental car or used a taxi service.


Though other modes of transportation may be available, such as subways or rail lines, these three are the options that may be best suited to you. Making a decision on which is best for you is a personal decision. You may like the freedom of having a rental car available so you can do some sightseeing when you have free time. Combining taxi service and bus service may be a good compromise if some of your business meetings are near bus stops. The combination would lower your transportation costs over using only taxi services.


Planning ahead how you will get from here to there while on a business trip helps keep expenses low and removes one source of stress from your trip.

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